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In an altered state of consciousness, I felt a wolf in the room with me.

While he was in the corner of the room, I was travelling through space with the speed of light.

But the odd thing was that the worm whole I was travelling towards looked oddly like a butt hole.

I found it funny to say the least.

When I felt the wolf jump on my bed everything suddenly stood still…

I was still in space, but I was travelling nowhere.

I felt this deep sense of peace.

I suddenly had no need to rush anywhere.

‘This is nice!’, I said to the wolf.

‘Of course!’, he replied.

‘Why do you think it looked like a butt hole before!’, he said.

And we both started laughing.

I got the message.

Real freedom is when you are not in a rush to be somewhere and get something.

Real Freedom is Inner Peace.

And you get it by combining the Yin and the Yang.

By knowing when to move and when to stand still.

When to give and when to ask.

When to be a warrior and when to be a shaman.

And from this state of inner freedom, financial freedom is borne with so much more ease and less effort.

Ask my clients if you don’t believe me.

Want to tap into this state that will create more abundance, wealth, happiness and joy for you without having to look at intergalactic but holes?

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