What do you do when your business is making money, but your soul is screaming to do something else?

Do you give up the business and follow your calling?

Or do you ignore the calling and hate your life?

This is the second business consultant I’ve spoken to in this exact situation in the last few months.

They’ve build a 6 figure business, they’re living a great life by most people’s standards, BUT…

But they also have a deep calling towards spiritual work.

‘I feel like I’m a healer and artist at heart, but I don’t see people valuing that as much as they value my business consulting, so I’m just lost’, she said while I was feeling the anxiety in her body building up.

I told her about my client who was in the exact situation and how she shifted from hating her business,

Hating her clients,

Hating her life,

To making a LOT more money, effortlessly.

I said: ‘It’s not that you don’t know what to do or who you want to be, it’s just that you don’t believe that other people value spiritual work as much as you do. And you’re stuck in the physical, in matter. You believe that if promise more money you will get clients but if you promise spiritual work you’re only going to attract broke people.’

‘That’s exactly right’, she said while sitting back, curious to hear more.

‘But life is not an either or, it’s an YES AND. Yes I am a copywriter and business consultant AND I’m a healer and artist. So right now you’re selling how to make more money, but I will bet my reputation that when you start showing up as your full self, your clients are going to make MORE Money and they will do it Faster than Ever Before!’

She started smiling.

It’s not about being one thing or the other.

It’s not about giving up cash flow for passion.

It’s about adding more passion to the cash flow.

THAT is your next level in business.

Do that and you move into effortless client creation, into effortless money creation and business growth.

If you’re not sure how, tap the link below to apply for a call and we can create a game plan that makes sense both to your mind and soul and that will grow your business faster than anything you’ve ever tried:

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