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Some of the Business Scaling Insights VDP Members Got From Each-Other in the Breakout Rooms

HOT SEAT Experience

I challenged Mohammed to create time to Work On the business, instead of in the business, and he said that it was a very Profitable Use of His Time - incredibly important when scaling from 6 to 7 figures

HOT SEAT Experience

I shared with Ijaz maybe the most Powerful tool you can use in a Sales Conversation to convert Prospects into Clients

Guest Speaker Highlights

Mohammad Torfa shared How to Grow Your Business from $5k/month to $100k/month by 1. Doing Cold Outreach the Right way and

2. Delegating to Commission Based Growth Makers

Guest Speaker Highlights

Tincuta Nitu - Tini shared How to Optimise Your Online Courses to get Exceptional Results for your Clients so that they become raving fans and recommend you to Everyone

What Results can you expect from a hot-seat experience with Bogdan?

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