Did you ever set an objective to train at home, and never followed through on it?

And why do you think that is?

Why do you think you’d want to train at home in the first place?

Let me start off with the good news.

The fact that you are thinking of training at home, means you’re an achiever. You know you are capable of more.

And you also know that it just takes a little more effort to get what you want, in this case, being good at kicking ass.

You should know that getting yourself to do anything takes discipline. And discipline comes from two sources, other people and yourself.

In other words, you can either wait for your Sifu to tell you what to do or you can also tell yourself what to do and double your progress.

The difference between the two is that we are much more responsive to other people disciplining us than we are to our own. And I think it’s because we’re just more used to that.

I mean since the first day of school, you’ve been told what to do, how to do it, when to speak and when to shut up. So, we’ve gotten used to having somebody tell us what’s good and what’s not.

Now, if you were living on a farm, where if you don’t work, you don’t eat, you would definitely have a whole different perspective on getting yourself to do what’s necessary.

And because self-discipline can be really hard in the beginning, a lot of people just quit.

But, I’m here to tell you that there is an easier way to do it.

This is actually the best way I use to get myself to train.

It’s a method that professional athletes, bodybuilders, and public speakers use to get themselves in the right state when they need to something difficult, something that takes discipline, something that will take effort and will make you grow.

The fact is that if you find it hard to train by yourself it’s because you’ve associated pain to training. You’re not really enjoying it outside the school. So it’s just like trying to start up an old Diesel engine. It takes a lot of effort.

What you want to do is associate pleasure to your hard work. Just like you know you will enjoy eating ice-cream or reading a good book.

A good way to that is listening to motivational songs, or speeches during your training. The best part about it is that it’s just like having a coach with you 24/7 any time you want. And there are some exceptionally well made movie scenes that will make you work harder, be faster and be much more decisive in your movements.

Just like a tiger.

Like I said before, this method is used by professional body builders.

Do you know how much self-motivation it takes lift weights, when you don’t have a personal trainer?

There’s a good reason why you see people at the gym, or runners, with head phones on.

What do you think they’re listening to? Justin Beiber?

Now somebody might say: ‘No, this isn’t how you train Wing Chun. You have to be able to stand there and do your form for three, four hours a day, sweat and train the old way’.

Yeah! Well why don’t you just throw away your phone and start using carrier pigeons, while you’re at it?

In my opinion, if a professional athlete uses something that produces results, and I can use it as well, there’s absolutely NO reason why we shouldn’t fully take advantage of these tools.

Why should somebody else have the winning edge over you?


My advice to you today is use all the leverage you can get.

We are living in the best time to be a Wing Chun practitioner.

Let’s take advantage of it!

Here is my favourite video that I’ve ever made and I hope it will give you some encouragement to walk the path, the Wing Chun path.

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Bogdan Rosu is the founder of the Leadership and Martial Arts Club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’ in Bucharest, public speaker and published author. He has helped hundreds of people through his courses, workshops, seminars and publications raise their self-confidence, become better leaders, raise their income and enjoy authentic relationships.

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