Dr. Mark Phillips began his study of Wing Chun in 1986 under Master James Sinclair. Now after twenty seven years of professional teaching, he is ranked as one of the leading instructors in the UK Wing Chun Assoc and is a registered instructor with the prestigious ‘Ving Tsun Athletic Association’ in Hong Kong as so.

Now, this was a very interesting conversation.

I got a chance to sit down and pick Mark’s brains on what he feels makes a strong mindset for martial arts and for life.

My favorite part was the idea that we all need to embrace failure and that we need to set small milestones to always look at the next step.

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Bogdan Rosu is the founder of the Leadership and Martial Arts Club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’ in Bucharest, public speaker and published author. He has helped hundreds of people through his courses, workshops, seminars and publications raise their self-confidence, become better leaders, raise their income and enjoy authentic relationships.

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    January 20, 2018

    I agree completely. From my personal experience it is the most effective and realistic system. In addition, not only as a personal defense, but also at a personal and self-esteem level,
    It has helped me a lot.
    I started this system in Germany, after having had a rather negative personal experience. They told me about him and I had my doubts.
    I was invited to a class to get to know him better and I decided to learn it even though the beginnings were very difficult for me because I was “badly used” to other doctrines.
    Today in Spain I am lucky that my Sifu has also come to this country and I continue with my private classes (traditional and non-commercial).

    I recommend this book, (en amazon.de) “Meine ganz persönliche Erfahrung”, It is a somewhat personal story, but it is very interesting

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      January 20, 2018

      Hey Sasha! Thanks for the comment, first of all! Glad to see that you did not give up. Tell me more about the book, did you write it? I don’t speak German so I have no idea what the title means!

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