For the last 5 years George has helped dozen’s of martial arts school owners around the world scale their school’s to new heights.

The core focus of his system is 80/20 leverage – how to apply a 20% marketing strategy that delivers 80% of the results. AND… with marketing strategies that aren’t fads that don’t work tomorrow.

For George the online marketing world came first. He only started his martial arts journey after following in his son’s footsteps. “Marketing and Martial arts are 2 passions united for me!”

Being in the online marketing game for more than a decade, George helps martial arts school owners with a marketing approach that’s stood the test of time which can grow and scale with your business.

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Bogdan Rosu is the founder of the Leadership and Martial Arts Club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’ in Bucharest, public speaker and published author. He has helped hundreds of people through his courses, workshops, seminars and publications raise their self-confidence, become better leaders, raise their income and enjoy authentic relationships.

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