Watch this training to manifest 5-Figure months with ease and elegance

Apply to join the coaching from here!

The next step is to apply to the program. You can answer few questions and if we believe we can help you then me or my team will have a zoom call with you to see if we are a good fit for working together.

I normally charge $197 for an individual coaching session, but you receive it as a gift if:

You want someone to see YOU, the real you, at soul level. And be by your side every step of the way helping you bring out your true power, your true potential

✅ You know that every healer, coach, marketer needs a coach, a mentor, a guide that can point out blindspots, keep them on track and be lovingly honest with them

✅ You are willing and able to invest the time, energy and finances to achieve a lasting, sustainable, transformation that allows you to produce results effortlessly, while being authentically YOU

✅ You understand that your external circumstances are a result of your inner world: your beliefs and subconscious programming that you got from society

✅ You've invested in coaching before, but you are looking for something different that can deeply support you with transforming not just your mindset, but also give you personalised business strategies that you can instantly implement to elevate your business and create your version of success, while feeling empowered and free

However, this is not for you if:

❌ You're looking for that one silver bullet that will fix all your problems

❌ You're not willing to change

❌ You're looking for the next freebie, so you can feel like you're making progress for 1h, then go back to doing things exactly the way you've been doing them and getting the same results

❌ You're not coachable and believe you can do it all on your own

❌ You've invested in coaching before, weren't happy with the results, and you believe that you will have the same experience with us

If you feel like you have what it takes

Here's what will happen during our free coaching session:

  1. You will uncover how to setup your subconscious for success, happiness and learning.
  2. We will have a deep interview to uncover and address limiting beliefs.
  3. You will take the first steps to Shift your Identity for Success. Guiding you to think, feel, and act like your super successful self, accelerating your results.
  4. We will refine your current strategy, optimising your client acquisition, service delivery, and business systems for smooth and efficient operations that give you freedom, instead of the constant stress of chasing clients.
  5. During the call you will receive access to all of these resources:

My "No F**KS Given" Self-Mastery Journal, designed to help you achieve and surpass your goals which is selling on Amazon for $14,99

My Unique Money and Self-Worth Meditations to attract more abundance into your life

And a complete 7-day Blueprint to bring your unconscious habits to your conscious awareness so you can replace them with habits for success

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