Free 5 Day Challenge for CEOs and Team Leaders:

'A+ Mindset, Teams & Systems That Scale on Auto-Pilot And Give You Freedom'

By Bogdan Rosu


'We have been very mindful and more serious about our work. And I believe it's important to be not have limiting beliefs and expand through multiple layers of learning and mindset goals. I'm very happy Bogdan was part of our journey!'

Yoshwin Punjabi, Owner of Punjabi Trading Asia Ltd, HK

Is this you?

  • 'I can't find good people to hire' - says the CEO who hasn't joined this challenge and insists on doing it the old way
  • 'I can't find someone to do the job as well as I can' - you shouldn't! We're going to show you how to hire someone who can do it BETTER than you
  • 'I don't have the budget to hire top performers' - BS! You're going to discover how to attract and keep top level talent, even if you believe you don't have the budget
  • 'I don't have time to improve my systems' - well, that's literally why you don't have time. We're going to show you how to free up 2h in your day so you have time to work above the business, instead of in the business
  • 'I wish my team would be more self-motivated' - said every entrepreneur ever. We're going to share our simple, but powerful system that motivates and inspires your team to go above for you and your company
  • BONUS: Exclusive Access to Live Q/A events where you get personalised insights on how to create A+ Teams and Systems that grow your Freedom and Profits


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Yoshwin discovered the needed mindset to optimise his teams and systems so he could grow his 9 figure business to new heights

-Import/Export Business Owner & Business Coach-

Scott Increased his Revenue by Improving his Team's Performance

-Float spa owner-

Yosip Optimised His Team and Mastered The Business Owner Mindset

-Marketing Agency Owner-

About Bogdan

Bogdan Rosu, is a Mindset and Business Coach, Public Speaker, Published Author and former Martial Arts teacher.

Before becoming a Coach, he created and taught the Personal Development Through Martial Arts Program (first of its kind in the world) and he helped hundreds of people become more confident and more successful.

Today he uses his signature 'Warrior Shaman Mindset' System to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and agency owners create the mindset, teams and systems that scale the business on auto-pilot and provide Impact, Freedom and Fulfilment.