For Impact-Driven Coaches who want to optimize for both Profits AND Freedom:

Boost Profits, work less, while having FUN building a Leveraged business using our Warrior Shaman System

(all without managing big sales teams, overwhelm or burn out)

Step #1: Watch the Short Training Below…

14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery:

Experience the Gold Standard for FREE

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14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery: Experience the Gold Standard for FREE

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Y. P. Doubled his of $120mil/year Import/Export Business


‘We have been very mindful and more serious about our work. And I believe it’s important to not have limiting beliefs and expand through multiple layers of learning and mindset goals. I’m very happy Bogdan was part of our journey!

You Will Get More Value from the 14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery Experience than the programs you’ve paid Tens of Thousands of $ for:

‘I’ve made more progress in the last 3 sessions with you than in the other programs that I’ve done’

-Catie Harris, Owner of

‘The amount of actionable insight and information that Bogdan was willing to go with me for free, trumps just about anything I’ve learned from any other paid program I’ve been part of before

-Micah Prior, Copywriter-

‘What I got from Bogdan was what something I can’t necessarily get from other paid programs I’m in, because his work continues where they left off’

-Kate Noel, Owner of UMIUS-

‘In his first 15 min call, Bogdan honestly gave me the BIGGEST Breakthrough that I’ve had in years

-Vicky Murgatroyd – Shamanic Healer & Founder of

Most coaching programs over-optimize for 1 area of life.

They are either money driven, or mindset & purpose driven. We want to create an environment for smart business owners to achieve both.


How to Bend Reality like a Shaman

Conquer Your Goals like a Warrior

Eliminate limiting beliefs

Scale your business with a lot more ease and no stress

Use the Power of the Warrior Shaman Mindset to make business and life easier

Attract and hire self-motivated High Performers who grow the business by 10% -20% every month

Master the Business Owner Mindset

Build A+ Teams & Systems That Scale on Auto-Pilot 📈 And Give You Freedom

Powerful Systems that motivate your team and save 4h – 6h a day of your time

Bonus #1: 2 Coaching Sessions with Bogdan to solve one of your most pressing business challenges

Bonus #3: Create a game plan for you to make an extra $100k by working less

Bonus #3: Exclusive Access to Live Q/A events

Bonus #4: Personalised insights on how to create A+ Teams and Systems that grow your Freedom and Profits

JOIN Our 14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery for FREE

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Who is This For

For people who care about being both financially rich and “life rich”.

For people who see their business as an enabler, and want to build a business around their life, and not their life around their business (having a “glorified full-time job”).

For you if you want to build something purposeful and fun while maximizing profit margins.

For you if you want to get back 20-25 hours every single week while using leverage to move key projects forward.

For people who want to join a community that provides a strong support and accountability system

Who is This NOT For

The “grow grow grow” Bro-scalers

For the “woo-woo” coaches who only care about mindset/purpose, forgeting about the practically of money and resources.

JOIN Our 14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery for FREE

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Here are Some of the Transformations That Entrepreneurs Experienced

Yoshwin discovered the needed mindset to optimise his teams and systems so he could Double his $120mil/year business

-Import/Export Business Owner & Business Coach-

Scott Increased his Revenue by 2x through Improving his Team’s Performance

-Float spa owner-

Josip Optimised His Team, Mastered The Business Owner Mindset and went from closing $3000 deals to closing $18,000 deals

-Marketing Agency Owner-

Jessica fixed her mindset and made $25,000, then $18,000 by literally doing nothing

Matthias Went from Making around $5000 a month to Making $17,000 a month

Savannah fixed her mindset and made $21,666 in one month, by working less

JOIN Our 14-Day High-Tier

Business Mastery for FREE

Is this You?

  • ‘I can’t find good people to hire’ says the CEO who hasn’t joined the ’14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery Experience’ and insists on doing it the old way

  • ‘I can’t find someone to do the job as well as I can’ – you shouldn’t! We’re going to show you how to hire someone who can do it BETTER than you

  • ‘I don’t have the budget to hire top performers’ – BS! You’re going to discover how to attract and keep top level talent, even if you believe you don’t have the budget

  • ‘I don’t have time to improve my systems’ – well, that’s literally why you don’t have time. We’re going to show you how to free up 2h in your day so you have time to work above the business, instead of in the business

  • ‘I wish my team would be more self-motivated’ – said every entrepreneur ever. We’re going to share our simple, but powerful system that motivates and inspires your team to go above for you and your company

‘If I scale too fast, my clients won’t get the same results’ – we get that and you should never sacrifice clients’ results for the sake of growth. The mindsets and systems that we give you will supercharge your team to give your clients an even better experience and even better results

Join us today and make stress and overwhelm a thing of the past by building a well oiled machine that gives you Freedom, Finance and Impact, Tap the button below to…

JOIN Our 14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery for FREE

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Give us only 15-20 Minutes of your Time:

We will Solve One of Your Most Pressing Business Challenges and also Discuss Your Path to Amplified Profits & More Free Time through Our 14-Day Business Mastery Experience

About Bogdan

Bogdan Rosu, is a Mindset and Business Coach, Public Speaker, Published Author and former Martial Arts teacher.

Before becoming a Coach, he created and taught the Personal Development Through Martial Arts Program (first of its kind in the world) and he helped thousands of people become more confident and more successful.

Today he uses his signature ‘Warrior Shaman Mindset’ System to help hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and agency owners create the mindset, teams and systems that scale the business on auto-pilot and provide Impact, Freedom and Fulfilment.

Through his Warrior Shaman Mindset system, he’s generated more than $10,000,000 for his clients.


Click on the question to read the answer

Is this just going to be another ‘pushy’ sales call?

Absolutely not! We are well aware of the tactics used in the coaching industry to push people into expensive programs that over-promise and under-deliver. We want to be known for the Exact Opposite of that. We want you to experience our High-Tier Business Mastery coaching for the full 14 days, help you make tangible progress and give you the proven strategies, frameworks and mindset to boost profits while working less hours.

However, if you would like us to continue working together and you feel it would be valuable to have us by your side in the long run, we can talk about a professional collaboration at the end of the 14 days.

You can find a full step-by-step outline of exactly what we will be doing in the 14-Day High-Tier Business Mastery Experience here.

Isn’t the promise of both bigger profits and fewer hours too good to be true?

We understand that it sounds like a dream scenario. It is unrealistic to expect this to happen overnight, however by following the personalised business strategy and our proven processes of eliminating limiting beliefs fast, you can expect this to be your reality within 6-12 months.

Our approach isn’t about magic tricks but about implementing proven business strategies tailored to your needs. And elevating the business owner and the team’s entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs and have seen firsthand how streamlining operations, optimizing teams, making data-driven decisions and levelling up the team’s mindset can lead to both increased profits and more free time.

How “personalized” is this solution really?

Great question! Our solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It starts with an in-depth business audit to understand your unique challenges and goals. Only then do we craft a plan that fits your industry, business model, and personal aspirations. We pride ourselves on providing genuinely bespoke strategies for each client.

I’ve tried similar programs before and didn’t get results. How is yours any different?

Past experiences can certainly shape our perspectives. While most coaching or consulting programs provide you with either the strategy or ways to improve your entrepreneurial mindset, without showing you how they fit together, we’ve found that the fastest way to create long lasting change is through a harmonious combination of Bespoke Business Coaching with High Level Mindset Coaching. What also sets us apart is our commitment to ongoing support and iteration. We don’t just provide a plan and leave you to it. We collaborate with you, refine strategies as needed, and ensure you’re on track to achieve the results we promise.

Will this solution introduce additional costs to my business?

No. Our primary goal is to increase your profit margins and transparency is one of top 3 values, so you will never receive hidden fees or upsell attempts from us to get the desired results.

How much time do I need to invest upfront for the promised results?

In the first 3-6 months you will need to invest on average 2-3h a week of your time, and after a certain point less than 1h a week will be required. Our goal is for you to work less and enjoy life more.

Do you have testimonials from recognized figures or those in similar industries?

Absolutely! We have worked with a range of businesses, and many of our satisfied clients are leaders in their industries. You can check out detailed testimonials and case studies on our website here to see how we’ve made a tangible difference for them.

Am I giving up control over my business by following your pathway?

Your business remains just that – yours. Our role is to provide guidance and strategies. All decisions remain in your hands. We’re here to provide options and insights, but you steer the ship.

Won’t introducing new strategies disrupt my current operations?

Change can bring some level of disruption, but we’re experts in managing transitions smoothly. Our strategies are introduced in phased manners, ensuring minimal disturbance while maximizing the benefits.

Is this solution sustainable in the long run?

Yes! We focus on building sustainable growth. While quick fixes can be tempting, our strategies are grounded in long-term viability. We want you to enjoy consistent results, not just a fleeting spike in profits.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my business details?

We prioritize your trust and confidentiality. All our agreements include strict confidentiality clauses, and we have protocols in place to protect your data and business information. We treat your business with the same care and discretion as we would our own.

Here are some of the Transformations after one Coaching Call…

Christina now knows her WORTH and is able to charge what she’s worth while helping entrepreneurs become Published Authors

George has found the Confidence to Reach his Next Level

More Confidence = Better Results for Laith and his Clients

More Confidence and Power Enabled Colin to Have a BIGGER Impact

Here’s What Makes This Experience Different than Anything You’ve Ever Tried:

This is what you get in the 14 Day Experience:

1. You receive 2 on Demand Coaching Sessions with Bogdan where we solve one of your most pressing business challenges and create a game plan for you to make an extra $100k by working less

2. You will also receive direct messenger support from Bogdan throughout the 14 days, where you get accountability and guidance and never feel alone on your business scaling journey

3. We Will Use The Shaman Mindset to Identify and let go of any subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you may reach your your next level level of success with less effort

4. We will IGNITE the Warrior Within so you successfully and confidently take action on all the insights you receive, start to fully use the business strategies you have and change your business for ever

5. You Will Discover YOUR Way of Attracting more of your Ideal clients, Your People, with ease and simplicity

6. You will uncover the systems that the 1% use to attract highly motivated team members that grow the business even when you’re not there to manage them, winning you back 1-2 days of work a week

7. Together, we will Analyze and Refine your current business strategy so you uncover hidden ways to do more with less and Discover where you may be leaving money on the table right now

8. You will receive a Personalised 14 Day Challenge that will help you scale without overwhelm and also help you overcome any mindset challenges we discovered and we will book a Follow-Up Call…

9. You will uncover the success rituals for shifting your identity so you can become the person that effortlessly creates success, right now

End of in the 14 Day Experience:

✅ We Will Further Simplify and Optimise your work day so you can focus on what gives you energy and results instead of burning out doing busy work instead of the work that truly moves the needle forward

✅ If we both feel like we would be a good fit, we will have a conversation about potentially working together and what that will look like. If we do not feel like it is the right time for you, I will not make an offer to work together.

In other words, This Experience is literally the Best thing you can do for yourself and your business right now. Because, there is no risk for you, and you can only WIN.

Follow the steps below to book your seat…

Here’s how you get Access

to the FREE 14 Day Trial:

Step 1: Tap the button below

Step 2: Pick a day and a time that works for you

Step 3: We will meet for 15 minutes on Zoom, where we will Solve one of your most pressing business challenges and Discuss Your Path to Amplified Profits & More Free Time through Our 14-Day Business Mastery Experience

100% Free, No Opt-in or credit card required…

Why Am I Making This Awesome Offer?

Unlocking your full potential is my biggest gift, and also the thing that makes me feel most alive.

I believe that entrepreneurs have the power to make the world a better place for future generations!

I am committed to changing the world one powerful conversation at a time, one powerful entrepreneur at a time.

100% Free, No Opt-in or credit card required…

I’m very excited to do this with you…

Hit the button below, book a time and date that works with you, answer a few quick questions and I’ll be in touch!

100% Free, No Opt-in or credit card required…

Talk soon,

P.S. I will see you on the call. I can’t wait to talk to you. Don’t miss the call. If you need to reschedule you can, but don’t be a no-show because I don’t reschedule with no shows.

P.P.S. Get in a quiet place on the call. Make sure that it’s quiet and have something to take notes with, because I’m going to go over everything you’ll need to do this. I look forward to helping you!

100% Free, No Opt-in or credit card required…

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