Jack Leung serves as the Regional Director for Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kungfu in Australia.

Since 1996, he has learnt the entire system directly from Grand Master Wan Kam Leung, in Hong Kong. In 2013, he achieved his full instructor certificates and started teaching.

He now runs 5 branches in Queensland, teaching 7 days a week just like his Sifu.

I really enjoyed listening to Sifu Leung’s story of how he started out with Wing Chun despite the fact that he had been training karate for years, and I felt incredibly inspired by the story of his Sifu, Wan Kam Leung, breaking a wooden dummy arm clean off with a Huen Sao action.

Listen to the podcast episode to hear the whole story.

AND, there’s a surprise Wing Chun Rap Song inside this podcast episode, that I just couldn’t stop listnening 😀

Listen to the whole episode if you want to listen to the whole song 😉

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Bogdan Rosu is the founder of the Leadership and Martial Arts Club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’ in Bucharest, public speaker and published author. He has helped hundreds of people through his courses, workshops, seminars and publications raise their self-confidence, become better leaders, raise their income and enjoy authentic relationships.

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