Chris Collins is a martial arts expert, fire arms expert, fight/action choreographer. He has trained in various fighting systems like western boxing and greco-roman wrestling to WingTsun, Jujitsu and Kali.

And he has an upcoming movie, called ‘Paradox’ costarring with Tony Jaa, and with none other than Sammy Hung directing the action.

It was great to find out how a boxer and wrestler would appreciate Wing Tsun for its out of the box approach to self-defense.

I really enjoyed the story where Sifu Collins spoke of the three ways of making a living as a Martial Artist, and I think you will get a lot of value out of that, especially if you plan on doing it as a profession.

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Sifu Collins will be holding a 2 day seminar in Prague, on May 13th 2017, find out how to register here.

And a 4 day seminar in Amsterdam on the 7th of September 2017, find out how to register here.


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Bogdan Rosu is the founder of the Leadership and Martial Arts Club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’ in Bucharest, public speaker and published author. He has helped hundreds of people through his courses, workshops, seminars and publications raise their self-confidence, become better leaders, raise their income and enjoy authentic relationships.

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